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Sunday, June 10, 2012

THIS wild month

It has been exactly one month since my last post, forgive me! It is now June 10th and I cannot believe how quickly that this month has "flown by." It actually felt really slow in the moment, but it seems like I just barely wrote the post about my hunky boy. I guess that's what happens when your schedule is literally booked from noon to 3 a.m. everyday! The good news is that the shows are officially OPEN! So no more rehearsals and I have my days back! Woo hoo! The only downer is that E has his days booked and his nights free, which makes our schedules exactly opposite, but he gets the weekends off to come see the shows (or not)! Yay! He has seen both Hairspray and Aladdin and both shows have won his approval. Thank heavens, because he will probably see them a million times between now and October 20th! I hope y'all can come to Tuacahn this season because it is seriously so much fun! Here's some pics of me in Hairspray! I like to call it "Cha Cha's Revenge" because you will never be able to get rid of me! I'm the token brown girl of the Nicest Kids! I'm playing Brenda, the chick who gets knocked up and opens up a spot for Tracy to be in the Corny Collins show. My sister Riley thinks it's a sign that I should be getting pregnant! Haha!
This pic was taken at the commercial shoot that you should hopefully start seeing on tv soon! The one on the right is my "hooker" costume from "Dollhouse" in act 2- we're in prison doing a tap number. I am actually hispanic in this scene so my character is based on Cha Cha Digregorio, I'm so glad that I'm able to use my Spanish accent again!

's some more of what's been happenin' lately! (In no particular order).

Easton started his job working for the forest service! He has been out of town the last couple of weeks working on the Arizona border building fences, repairing camp sites, and bossing around his crew. Here's some of the cool stuff that he gets to experience at work! These pics were taken at the sand dunes during after hours where his crew got to have some fun after a long day!

I got a very coveted day off of rehearsal to go attend a luau in honor of my cousins, Austin, Micah, and my sister Shanda's, graduation. I am so proud of all of them! Here's a pic of the three stooges with their beautiful leis and head pieces that were made by my grandparents who traveled all the way from Hawaii-- we are so lucky to still have both of them around. What great blessings they are in our lives! The other pic is of me with my cousins Whitney, Emily and their two babies and my sis Heather. I have the best family EVER! The luau was off the hook, we probably had around 800 people who attended, it was awesome! I was so happy that I was able to be there!
Today is Sunday and it is seriously my most favorite day of the week! I look forward to Sunday all week long! Today we made our favorite chicken and rice and some GF oreos! E's fav! We used a new GF brand of cake mix called King Arthur Flour. It is really great, it's cheaper than Betty Crocker, with about 7 more ounces of mix. To make the cookies you just combine the cake mix with one cup of shortening and 3 eggs. Cook @ 350 degrees for 10 min. The cream cheese frosting is one 8 oz. package of cream cheese, 1 stick of butter, 4 cups of powdered sugar, and a tsp. of vanilla. It made about 24 oreos total! Not bad!

I was also able to finish my crafty project that I've been working on little bits at a time when I've had a spare second. I think it's going to be an indoor wreath because my last one got ruined from the weather and this was a lot of work! All I used was a glue gun, one yard of muslin, and one yard of burlap, with a few pearls, and an already made twig wreath from Michael's. It looks better in real life than it does in the photo.
We also had a fun weekend with some of Easton's best friends-Trevor and Jake and their wives, Brooke and Lora! Here's us checking out the lunar eclipse and swimming at Sand Hollow! St. George is the bomb in the summer because there's so many amazing things to do here! I highly recommend visiting!
It's been a great start of what I know will be an excellent Summer! Thanks for catching up with us!


  1. I'm so glad you have been able so squeeze in some fun along with all that hard work you both are doing! I am so excited to see your shows! So funny, I just made those oreos yesterday with that brand new cake mix too! I was so excited to see how cheap it was for how many ounces there were. I have never made that many oreos from a gluten free mix! Wahoo! You both are looking way too buff and in shape....makin a girl feel guilty! Love you guys!

  2. Love this post. It's fun to stay caught up with you a little bit through your blog. We love you both so much! Great job on the wreath!