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Thursday, May 10, 2012

my guy

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to keep a record of our lives, I need to take a sec and brag about my flawless husband! Ohhhh... I seriously love being married SO much! Now, I know I know he's wicked hot, every gay guy in my cast tells me so everyday at rehearsal, but he is also seriously perfect in every other way too. It's oh-so cliche, but I am for realzzz the luckiest girl in the world! Here's why...As I have been super crazy pants and have had zero time to do anything besides drive and dance and drive and sleep, Easton has been the most loving and supportive dude I could ever imagine and more. Just to name a few of the things he has done for me these past couple weeks...

He just finished up the semester, but even in the middle of finals week he was and has continued to let me come home to a spotless, sparkling house every night. On top of other things he has kept up with the laundry, scrubbed the mold off the ceilings, done the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, and mopped the floors. I'll admit that he is kind of a clean freak, but he also does it just because he loves me and wants me to be able to relax when I'm away from rehearsal. I am so grateful because our house would be a hot mess, literally, if he wasn't so awesome.

It was my birthday on Saturday, I turned 23 which feels so weird, but because I was shooting a commercial for Tuacahn and had rehearsal for twelve hours I was expecting an average day. Well, I should have known that my hotness would figure out how to still make the day special. The cast planned to take me out to eat on our lunch break. When we got to the restaurant who was there waiting for me? My E, with flowers in hand and a huge smile on his face.  One of the reasons I love him so much is because he is  so rad. He can hold a conversation and entertain even the weirdest of them all--musical theatre people. After lunch he came back with me to rehearsal and waited in the hallway, because no one is allowed in the practice space, for four hours then took me out to dinner. It was a great birthday!

Another night I came home with a kitchen stocked with groceries that we needed desperately, but didn't have the time or money to get. He found a job to help someone move and made some money so we could actually eat something other than rice and potatoes. He was especially good about getting me my "healthy food" that he refuses to eat. Then with the extra money we went on a date with some of the guys on his team.

Last night, I came home and was absolutely famished. For some reason the day had sucked out all of my energy and the last thing I wanted to do was drive home fifty miles and make dinner for myself. Instead, I walked in to a beautifully set up candlelit dinner with a delicious homemade warm meal made by my eternal companion. It was so sweet and I know it took a lot of time and thought, which made it that much more special.

I always joke about this, but he is seriously so obsessed with me--obviously, right? I am equally as obsessed with him, if not more. I am so glad that I made the choice to get married and that we were sealed to be together forever. I couldn't ask for a better person to share the rest of my life and existence with. I love my husband sooooo much!!!

Thanks for all you do E! Don't be embarrassed or mad that I put these pics online for all to see :)


  1. Awww! I'm crying right now :) I guess he IS sweet! Hahaha :) I love that I just asked you if he was sweet to you. Turns out, he is! I'm so glad. You guys are perfect together! Love you both!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm so proud of my boy. Maybe something we taught him did rub off, eh? I think part of it is that he married such a wonderful girl that he wants her to know just how great she is. I am so happy to read this today and know that he is being a good hubby!