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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MY Easter Extravaganza

So....this was pretty out of character for me to do, but I had a free day and I decided that it was time for me to learn some new skills that have nothing to do with singing or dancing or acting. I decided to raid the dollar store, Joann's, and Wal-Mart and come up with some cute, but not cheesy,  home-made Easter decor. Pinterest gave me some inspiration, but because I've never really done anything like this, I had  a lot of figuring out to do on my own. It was fun, but I'll admit that it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Probably because I did a lot of painting and I had to wait for it to dry in between coats. I'm SO not patient when it comes to this type of THANG either. However, I proved to myself that I can do crafting if I put my mind to it and I felt so accomplished that I had created something that wasn't there before. Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can!!! I can totally see why so many people are into crafting. Good times! 

My first project was to make a peeps wreath. I got 4 packs of peeps, a foam wreath, and toothpicks. First I painted it white in case there were not enough peeps to cover the holes and then I started at the top and poked those little critters all the way through and around until I ran out. I got some burlap and covered the inside of the wreath so I didn't have to buy more peeps. Then I made a little bow out of the burlap to top it off. Don't look too close or you'll see the imperfections, but it looks fine from afar. I was going for the Monet effect :)

Next, I found a bunny picture online that I turned into a stencil and painted it onto burlap. I put it into my freshly painted white dollar frame, and voila! Cutting out the stencil was the hardest part of that one, but I really love how it turned out. Here's the pic if you want to try it, I love her! Yes it's a girl, but if you want to make it a boy I think it'd be cute glue a bow on its neck. 

I also made some cute little holders (I know there's a better name, votives??) out of candle sticks and candle holders. I painted the bases brown and pasted it together with E6000 glue. I filled it with some grass, wicker balls, eggs, and pastel m&m's. Too bad that the only place we have to put them on is our TV, but I like how they all came together. 

My wreath was super easy. I got an already made wicker wreath base then bought some lace ribbon (2 different sizes for bow and wrapping), burlap ribbon, wicker balls, and eggs from Jo-ann's. I just messed around with the items, used some more of the E6000 glue, and came up with this. KINDA cute...I'm sure I broke a lot of wreath rules, but it was my first attempt so hopefully I can only go up from here! 

Lastly, I found this weird tree thing at the dollar store so I painted it white then painted some plastic easter eggs and strung them on. I only had black thread, but I should've used white because it would've looked a lot better. It's an Easter Tree! Get it? I don't think it's very cute, but it Easter-ish so it works for me! 

I hope you're proud of me because I was proud of me even though the hub was oh-so confused when he found me "crafting." Next to Christmas, Easter is my fav!!! So excited for this weekend! Let's just remember what Easter is all about. I read this article this morning and thought I'd pass it on. It's called "He is Risen." The title sums it all up, but I encourage you to take a sec and remember our Savior and what He has done for us. Copy and paste in your URL. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!


  1. Woot woot! You have a blog!!! I love your crafts, and I love you! Come visit me!!!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Very cute crafts! You did a great job! This is Liana by the way! :)

  3. I'm so impressed! I KNOW how long crafting takes. It is a big job and I'm so proud of you for taking all that on! Good job! You can officially call yourself a crafter now :)

  4. THANKS sooooooo much everyone!!!! You are all too kind, but I really appreciate it!!! xoxo

  5. Love your crafts! They are even cuter in person. It was so great to see you guys last weekend and can't wait to see you again this week.

  6. I love blogging!! We have one too! Go check t out! You Did such a good job on your crafts!!